Staff Training & Workshop

We're a personal trainer for your podcast.

Over 4 weeks, we meet virtually on Zoom for 60-minutes every week with your staff to train you on everything involved in producing, marketing, and hosting an industry leading podcast.It’s all about clarity and action. No added “work” – just helping you organize, prioritize, and take action on what matters.

Our Training Process

Our trainings are broken down into 4 topic areas


We teach you our system for conducting a proper editorial process for your podcast and secrets on how to identify episode topics and guests that can provide an insightful and editorially independent perspective on the situation.

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The North Star remains in very nearly the same spot above the northern horizon year-round while the other stars circle around it. Likewise, a podcast’s north star is the purpose for the podcast’s existence, the values that the podcast brand stands for, and the consistent theme that ties every episode together.

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A podcast is the best way to engage an audience, but is an inherently anti-viral medium. However, there are ways to increase the growth rate of your show, we help you create an action plan to implement and properly drive targeted traffic to your show.

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Podcast listeners can be sporadic. Just because someone gives your podcast a listen doesn’t mean that they are going to become a subscriber. The best way to turn a listener into a subscriber is to build calls to action and engagement points within your show that instructs listeners to subscribe to the podcast.

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